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Welcome to Engel Dolls

German quality handcraft from Roedental in Bavaria - since more than 100 years!

With it's more than 100 year old tradition, Engel-Puppen is the oldest doll factory at it's location, the city of Roedental, which can be found in the North of Bavaria / Germany.
Although our company is one of the smaller in the doll business, Engel dolls can be found in many countries of our world. Our collection covers almost any type of dolls from small playable vinyl dolls to decorative dolls in original German costumes, from nostalgic collectable dolls to valuable artist dolls made of porcelain in limited editions.

However, there is one important fact that all our dolls have in common: they are all made in Germany and meet the standard of quality that German products are known for all over the world.

Markus Engel, president

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