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  Ball-joints are joints that (contrary to disc-joints) allow movements in several directions. So e.g. a ball-jointed arm cannot only be moved forwards and backwards, but also to the side.
Ball-jointed doll
  Ball-jointed dolls by Engel-Dolls are manufactured from vinyl, but their construction is similar to the ones made from paper mache and wood around 1900 to 1920. In the elbows and knees, plastic balls (in former times wood balls) are used as joints.
Disk joints permit movement in only one direction (see also -> ball-joint).
Kanekalon wig

Wigs from kanekalon resemble the natural appearance of human hair, since it's fibers are mixed in several similar colors. Because the fibers are thinner than with the rooted hair, also finer hair-styles can be arranged. The hair fibers are sewn on on a fabric cap. The wig is then glued on the head firmly. Collectors usually prefer the natural look of the kanekalon wig. For playing, this type of hair can however be recommended only conditionally.

Multi-jointed doll

Multi-jointed dolls by Engel-Dolls are completely manufactured from vinyl. The body consists of three parts, chest, belly and hip. Arms and legs are also compound from three parts each. All limbs are connected with joints, even the head is movable. With 15 joints, the multi-jointed dolls can make almost any movement humans can make.

Painted hair
  Painted hair describes a hair-style that is moulded of the doll head, and is being colored (painted).
Rooted hair

Rooted hair is, of it is derived the name, stitched directly into the vinyl head. By means of a special sewing machine the fibers are stung in from the outside and interlocked inside. Rooted hair is very durable and thus particularly suitably for children for playing.

Soft baby
  Soft baby, actually soft body baby, designates a doll with (soft, stuffed) fabric body. Arms, legs and head are usually manufactured from vinyl. With baby a doll with bended arms and legs is described, which resembles the attitude of a human baby.
Soft standing doll
  Soft standing doll, actually soft body standing doll, marks a doll with (soft, stuffed) fabric body. Arms, legs and head are usually manufactured from vinyl. With standing doll a doll with straight legs and straight or only moderately bended arms, which has an upright attitude, is described. Contrary to standing dolls from vinyl or polystyrol, soft standing dolls usually can not stand alone. There are however special doll stands available as accessories.