... to collect and to play with, but always to enjoy.
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How to order

We are please that you want to order from us.

Please email you wishes to us at: email@engelpuppen.com .

If there are several versions of an item, please let us know your choice for every option (e.g. for undressed dolls the hairstyle, hair color and eye color).
Please include also your address and country, your phone number, and your choice of payment: pre-payment by bank transfer (SEPA) is available from most European countries. Payment by PayPal is available where offered (Note: a PayPal account may not be required!).

We will email you back with a proforma invoice including freight costs and the projected ship-date, or we email you back with our questions and suggestions if anything is unclear.
From 2018, dolls with rooted hair are only limited available. If your selection is no longer in stock, we will suggest available alternatives.

Thank you !